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Get to know the exhibition system which will give you more than the traditional fair stand constructions.

Clever Frame® is a modular exhibition system supporting marketing and sales. The fair constructions included in our offer are our original patented systems. Thanks to their modular structure, they provide the possibility to be fit into any space, regardless of its nature and area. The fair constructions of this type allow for endless metamorphoses of the promotion points as well as are characterised by multiplicity of applications. You will use them as conference stands, event constructions or exhibition walls.

How does our  exhibition system work?

Swiss penknife of marketing

Regardless of the fact whether you are interested in organisation of minimalist open exhibition space or in creation of fair construction with diversified functional zones, the modular system elements will help you achieve your intended objective. Our exhibition system consists of reusable aluminium frames which may be combined into any configurations. It is exactly like building with the building blocks. You may change the shape and the function of the system at any time according to you marketing plans as well as you may additionally complement it with dedicated accessories, decorations or event furniture. What is important, all elements of Clever Frame® exhibition system have always been, are and will be fully compatible with each other.

Modularity and mobility

Modularity is the synonym of convenience. You may disassemble Clever Frame® system into single elements, which fully facilitates its transport, storage and reconfiguration.

Assembly without any tools

Erection of any fair construction or event scenery is extremely intuitive - thanks to special fasteners, you do not need any tools or specialist technical knowledge.

Panels in a couple of seconds

The graphic design of the system is created by magnetic panels which may be installed in seconds. You may replace them individually whenever you wish.
Wystawca budujący stoiska targowe

Unlimited  configuration possibilities

One system, tens of functions, hundreds of configurations

One of the most important advantages of modular exhibition systems is the possibility to create individual and unique arrangements with the use of ready elements. Great number of aluminium profiles and accessories allows for realisation of the boldest designs of fair stands, which may be shaped freely, for example, by elimination or adding of selected elements. Even if you do not plan to extend the fair construction, your base frame set will allow you for creation of diversified outlays adjusted to your current marketing needs.

Savings for your budget and for the environment

The end of disposable exhibition constructions

The modular systems are a solution that has revolutionised the manner of arrangement of fair and event spaces. Not only do they provide the possibility to experiment with the arrangement form, inter alia through selection of the size, functionalities or colours, but they also bring the benefits connected with advertising budget optimisation and environmental protection. Clever Frame® is a reusable solution which you will be able to use for a lot of seasons, thanks to which you will not have to invest in new fair construction in case of each subsequent event. In turn, it brings benefits for the environment thanks to reduction of the volume of waste.

Modular fair constructions

The more often you use them, the more savings they generate. Your first modular exhibition system is an investment - give it enough work and you will see the effects soon. No further advertising or marketing expenditures will appear in your budget and positive impact on the environment will constitute the added value.

Traditional exhibition stands

Disposable fair constructions entail costs to be incurred in case of every subsequent event. These costs include not only the price of the stand but also of its utilisation. Let us imagine what the world would look like if everyone used disposable fair stands - only one fair event may generate tons of waste!

Climate and environment

Care about the environment is an integral element of our corporate policy and an additional objective of our CSR strategy. In compliance with the assumptions thereof, we take a number of actions resulting in better manufacture management. We are continuously looking for new ways to reduce the volume of waste, at the same striving for promotion of green marketing and zero-waste idea as well as improvement of ecological awareness, inter alia through promotion of reusable marketing solutions. We attach great importance to complex service of orders, thus improving transport efficiency as well as decreasing carbon footprint, to recycling of used advertising materials and to limitation of printed materials.
One of the objectives that we have set to ourselves within caring about sustainable development is minimisation of negative impact of our operations on the environment.

Tell us what you need!

Our designers and consultants will help you find the idea for your exhibition system, or you will elaborate on your vision of the promotional construction together. Do not hesitate to contact us.

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