Small modular stands - under 25 sqm

Modular promotional system for trade fairs, events and conferences. Recommended for arrangements up to 25 sqm.

Small trade fair stands are mobile and fully modular promotional systems for many different applications – from exhibitions and trade fairs to industry events and conferences. Each exhibition stand is customised specifically for your company. We make individual designs dedicated to the brand and the needs of the user.

Clever Frame sales support systems are characterised by an almost unlimited number of possible solutions. We offer both classic advertising solutions and creative ones - giving free rein to your imagination. It's as simple as building with blocks - with the Clever Frame system you can build both a full-size exhibition stand and a compact advertising wall. By investing in a single promotional structure you get a range of advertising opportunities.

  • Clever Frame exhibition systems can be used repeatedly - regardless of what you want to present, where and how, you can always use the same set of frames
  • the change of image is facilitated by interchangeable, magnetic graphic panels which can be mounted in just a few seconds
  • the trade fair stand construction is light, mobile, easy to assemble, disassemble and transport
  • all elements of the system are fully compatible - at any time you can expand the promotional content with new elements (frames, accessories or new graphic panels)
Complemenatry accessories
  • LED lighting
  • shelf
  • leaflet holder
  • tablet pylon
  • doors
  • showcases
Materials and fillings
  • frame - anodised aluminium
  • accessories - powder-coated on a RAL colour chart basis
  • fillings - PVC, acrylic, glass panel, HIPS, decorative sheet metal, veneer, other structural materials such as wood and leather
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Modular construction
Replacable graphic panels
Tool-free assembly
Multiple use of system
Individual design
Constant readiness to work


6 sq. m
Number of frames:
A small meterage doesn't exclude the possibility of arranging an interesting and fully functional exhibition stand. Its arrangement also doesn't require big sacrifices - there is no need to give up anything if the exhibition is well planned. A small trade fair booth can have all the necessary elements for an exhibitor, such as a counter, a storage room, an advertising screen or leaflet holder. There are also no obstacles to the arrangement of several light sources. Properly planned lighting can optically enlarge even the smallest booth for trade fairs or business conferences.
18 sq. m
Number of frames:
Stand booth for hobby fair. When approaching the project, it was crucial for us that every element of the arrangement evokes the idea of fishing trips. Therefore, the trade fair booth is filled with energetic marine shades, walls with a wavy, streamlined shape, and appropriately selected graphic motifs. Photorealistic graphics printed on glass panels perfectly reflect light, giving the entire arrangement depth and character. To complete everything, there is a modular event counter, an intimate area for conversations with customers and display furniture from the HELO FORM line.
12 qm
Number of frames:
The functionality of a trade fair booth is an absolute foundation, especially when we have a small space. Investing in a professional, modular stand, we get an advertising place that has all the key elements, such as storage space or a place to meet with customers and at the same time - consistent with the company's image and in line with modern design trends. The design uses decorative panels with high gloss, which reflect and diffuse light perfectly, optically enlarging and brightening the space.
16 sq. m
Number of frames:
A corner trade show booth not only provides easy access for visitors, but also plenty of design possibilities. The wooden panels we used, give the exhibition a natural and at the same time elegant character. In order to further diversify the exhibition stand and make it more attractive for the participants of the event, we focused on a striking terrazzo colour composition and an advertising screen. The whole was complemented by a counter with branding equipped with the internal storage space, where advertising gadgets or personal belongings can be safely stored.
20 sq. m
Number of frames:
A modern trade fair and conference stand based on the traditional colour scheme of the medical industry. Among other things, we used high-gloss panels, decorative slats and a system capsule in the design, which made it easier for us to zone the space. The whole is complemented by an LCD screen dedicated to displaying high-definition advertising videos, a counter with a 3D logo, and a modular trade fair floor that allows covering any surface quickly and easily.
20 sq. m
Number of frames:
A cosmetic trade fair stand that - despite its relatively small surface- provides optimal space for display, customer meetings and storage. We used powder pastel colours in the design, which were broken by a terrazzo motif. We supplemented the arrangement with dedicated furnishings that enhance the functional and aesthetic qualities of the exhibition stand, including spot lighting, glass counters, LCD screens and exhibition furniture from the HELO FORM® line.
24 sq. m
Number of frames:
Modern-style trade fair stand that make use of every inch of space. On the front, a counter and display furniture from the HELO FORM® line, inside a cosy meeting place and a technical area with storage space - all finished with neon elements that stand out perfectly against the interior and are the first to attract the eye. Elements that emphasize the design of the trade fair stand are also the milky panels, behind which we placed decorative plants.

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Our designers and consultants will help you find the idea for your exhibition system, or you will elaborate on your vision of the promotional construction together. Do not hesitate to contact us.

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