Advertising walls and promo stands

Versatile, compact promotional kits with multiple configuration options.

Do you want to create a small promotional point that will guarantee you more than the classic advertising and conference walls? PROMO1 is a small modular system with which you can build a professional promotional stand in less than 15 minutes. You can easily replace the graphics in it and reconfigure it to perform exactly the function you need. It is an extremely versatile solution providing over 20 different configurations.
The PROMO1 product family consists of three variants - Mini PROMO1, PROMO1 and PROMO1 Plus. Each differs in size and the set of accessories included. Our advertising kits serve a wide range of purposes. You can use them as advertising, conference, press or exhibition walls.
  • from a set of 6 frames you can create more than 20 different promotional stands
  • PROMO1 is a box solution - all elements of the display wall are contained in one collective packaging
  • the system is compact and therefore extremely convenient to transport and store
  • PROMO1 can be successfully used as a mobile presentation point, an information stand, a sponsor wall or a small stand for trade fairs
Complemenatry accessories
  • leaflet holder
  • shelf
  • TV holder
  • LED lamp
Materials and fillings
  • frame - anodised aluminium
  • accessories - powder-coated on a RAL colour chart basis
  • fillings - PVC, acrylic, glass panel, HIPS, decorative sheet metal, veneer, other structural materials
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Modular construction
Multiple use of system
Tool-free assembly
Replacable graphic panels
Individual design
Constant readiness to work


Number of frames:
Advertising walls are a proven way to give your brand the right exposure at trade fairs, events or conferences. Thanks to the use of the latest printing technology, they provide a great platform for presenting photographs, logos or advertising graphics. Each display wall we make is based on a lightweight yet extremely durable aluminium structure, which you can fill with different magnetic graphic panels each time. It will only take you a few seconds to assemble them! Thanks to its modular design, your advertising wall can be any size. The one shown in the inspiration above is made up of 6 system frames. Overall wall size: 300 x 250 cm.
Number of frames:
Advertising walls with multimedia are an extremely popular solution to promote the brand even more effectively and to reach the target group. One of our bestsellers in this category of advertising walls is the Promo1 set, located in the left-hand corner of the stand. Promo1 systems are mobile display walls consisting of a pylon and a counter that offer the possibility to create more than 20 different layouts and select functional accessories. All elements of the kit fit into a single bulk pack, making it significantly easier to transport and store.
Number of frames:
Advertising walls with interchangeable graphic panels are products created with the modern business in mind. It is the best solution for companies frequently involved in all kinds of presentations, conferences or trade fairs. An important element of display walls is the selection of an appropriate colour scheme - one that is consistent with the company's image and branding. Bear in mind that too many colours on advertising walls can be overwhelming and difficult to read. It is therefore worth limiting the number of colours to a few that best reflect the nature of your brand, its products or services.
Number of frames:
Advertising walls are a very broad product category. One of their most popular variants are pylons – free standing posts with advertising graphics, which are great for both promotional campaigns and stationary activities. For example, in shopping centres cultural institutions or reception areas of all kinds. This wall model is a great alternative to roll-up stands, which consist of a cassette and a drop-down banner. By choosing pylons, you can be sure that their construction will be stable and that your advertising graphics will always look great - without unesthetic folds or wrinkles that occur with banner prints. What is more, you can complement each pylon with functional accessories - internal illumination, leaflets or shelves.
Number of frames:
Modular advertising walls are easy to assemble and disassemble, allowing them to be used in a variety of locations and situations. In the above arrangement, we have used two types of advertising walls from the Promo1 line, which are ideal as customer service points - reception desks at conferences or information points. The distinguishing feature of this type of wall is its compact form and increased functionality. You do not have to decide whether a roll-up, advertising stand or display counter is a better solution for your business - Promo1 is a combination of all of the above.
Number of frames:
You will use advertising walls not only to present your products or services - they can also be used as information points, a backdrop for photos or a place for business meetings. Depending on your needs, you can modify and expand it as required - for example by adding LED spotlights, advertising screens or openwork partitions. Those from the Deco Frame range, constructed with vertical slats, are not only aesthetically pleasing but also flexible in their application. They can serve as both a decorative element and a partition wall that subtly separates selected functional areas.

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