Info points and commercial islands

Functional systems for product presentation and the arrangement of trade fair and information areas

Most of our information point designs are based on capsules - modular stands that you can use as customer meeting points, mobile receptions or shopping islands. When designing the capsules, we wanted them to be quick to install and to provide the possibility of separating functional zones.
With capsules you can create a completely new quality of exhibition. We offer an extensive catalogue of designs and fillings, based on which you can create modern and functional spaces for brand communication with the customer. Capsules, like other Clever Frame exhibition structures and advertising walls, are a system solution. This means that they are designed to be reassembled and are compatible with other exhibition systems from our brand.
  • modular systems are the most modern solution for exhibition structures
  • by complementing the capsules with displays, you can create a shop-in-shop island, and by combining them - an innovative pop-up store
  • you can place your construction practically anywhere and integrate on them any visual elements - LED screens, graphic panels or other fillings
  • capsules work well not only in the arrangement of commercial spaces and fair stands, but also in offices and open spaces
Complemenatry accessories
  • TV holder
  • leaflet holder
  • shelves
  • LED lighting
Materials and fillings
  • frame - anodised aluminium
  • filling - PVC, acrylic glass, glass panel, furniture board, dibond, veneer, HIPS
  • floor - wood, floor panel
  • floor finish - carpet or lining
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Modular construction
Multiple use of system
Tool-free assembly
Individual design
Replacable graphic panels
Extensive equipment options


Number of frames:
Arranging an eye-catching promotional area or trade fair stand is the key to success and attracting the attention of visitors. Carefully thought-out design, striking graphics, interactive elements, space to chat and relax, as well as appropriate lighting and multimedia, all help to create a space that engages visitors and supports the goals of your brand. All of this is provided by the capsules.
Number of frames:
Modular capsules are perfect as meeting corners for clients. They can be used to create intimate spaces for business talks, product presentations or discussions of offer details. Thanks to the capsules, the chat areas are subtly separated from the rest of the trade fair stand, which makes for better communication and increases our chances of establishing a lasting relationship with clients.
Number of frames:
Capsules are a tried-and-tested way to add some variety to the architecture of a trade fair stand. They can be used individually or combined in chains to create an original display arrangement. They are also great for stationary projects - in showrooms, art galleries or open spaces. We can equip them with showcases, pedestals or mannequins, and enhance the whole arrangement with dedicated lighting. With properly arranged LED points, it is possible to focus attention on important elements, create the desired mood and reinforce the message of the display.
Number of frames:
The capsules can be used as information points, shopping islands and mobile trade fair stands. They can be fitted out with a range of systems to support marketing activities, including, for example, tablet stands or advertising pylons. In most cases, they are combined with event counters, which provide dedicated storage space and adequate display of logos and advertising graphics.
Number of frames:
The capsules are easy to assemble and dismantle, which considerably simplifies the preparation of any promotional area - a trade fair stand or a shopping island. The functionality of such stands can be enhanced by advertising screens. By adding LCD monitors to the capsules, it is possible to implement effective marketing campaigns while reducing expenditure on traditional, printed advertising. Notably, the design of such display stand makes it possible to hide all cables and wires.
Number of frames:
Shopping islands arranged with capsules have an incredibly wide range of applications. They can be used both as a trade fair and conference stand and as a reception area, coffee corner or chillout zone. Each capsule can be finished with different graphics and infill panels, which can be replaced at any time - it all depends on the individual design idea and the principles of our visual brand identity.

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Our designers and consultants will help you find the idea for your exhibition system, or you will elaborate on your vision of the promotional construction together. Do not hesitate to contact us.

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