Large modular stands - over 50 sqm

Large-format exhibition stands and promotional displays. Arrangements over 50 sqm.

Are you looking for a modern and mobile solution that works in many situations? Discover the exhibition framing system as a reusable exhibition solution. Our trade fair stands, also known as commercial stands or exhibition stands, provide the perfect fit. Each stand can be freely modified and expanded if necessary. It is a system that you can use again and again in various configurations, without worrying about the available space.
It's as simple as building with blocks. You can model each trade fair stand in many ways - changing its shape, size or visual aspect. Rebranding is facilitated by interchangeable, magnetic graphic panels which can be mounted in a few seconds. By adding lighting or multimedia solutions (e.g. LCD screens) you can create a fully functional advertising space.
  • no matter what, where or how you want to present it, you can always use the same set of frames
  • the walls of the trade fair structure can be freely combined with each other, thus creating the desired space
  • the construction of the system is made of light aluminium profiles, which are resistant to frequent folding and unfolding
  • one set of elements can be used both to arrange a large exhibition stand at a trade fair and to create a stage design for an event
  • the system is convenient in transport and extremely easy to assemble - thanks to special connectors any trade fair stand can be assembled extremely quickly and without tools
Complemenatry accessories
  • TV or tablet holder
  • LED lighting
  • shelf
  • leaflet holder
  • tablet pylon
  • doors
  • showcases
Materials and fillings
  • frame - anodised aluminium
  • accessories - powder-coated on a RAL colour chart basis
  • fillings - PVC, acrylic, glass panel, HIPS, decorative sheet metal, veneer, other structural materials such as wood and leather
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Modular construction
Multiple use of system
Tool-free assembly
Extensive equipment options
Individual design
Constant readiness to work


50 sq. m
Number of frames:
Concrete and its imitations are among the most fashionable design solutions. It is an extremely versatile material that corresponds well with natural wood accessories or all kinds of plants. We have added transparency to the exhibition stand, which not only subtly decorate the stand, but also optically enlarge its space. The light that passes through the transparent panels makes the stand brighter and more spacious.
55 sq. m
Number of frames:
Simplicity and elegance are the key words for this trade fair booth design. An important role in arranging the stand was played by decorative and finishing elements. These elements were plant compositions, terrazzo motifs or natural wood panels, which are a proven way to optically warm up the space. The premise of the project was high accessibility for visitors. Therefore, all conversation areas are open or semi-open.
55 sq. m
Number of frames:
We specialize in creating active spaces that can be changed and shaped as needed. This is served by mobile walls, lightweight furniture and flexible design elements, which we used in the above trade fair stand design. The decorative panels we used are fully interchangeable, allowing endless metamorphoses of the trade fair development. Freedom of configuration also applies to the layout of walls, which can be rearranged freely thanks to the modular design.
60,5 sq. m
Number of frames:
Exhibition stand designed on the basis of capsules - structures with arched canopies, which facilitate the space zoning and enhance its aesthetic value. An analysis of the customer's needs allowed us to precisely select the right space plan, which created a friendly and effective trade fair development - retaining an open space effect, while separating space for various promotional activities. We decorated the stand with simple in form furniture and elegant decorations.
62 sq. m
Number of frames:
A creative trade fair stand is a space that combines many shapes, textures and sizes of solids, which is why the presented event development combines two styles - on the one hand, soaring walls with arched corners, and on the other, display furniture with a simple, geometric shape. When designing the exhibition stand, we opted for greys and earth colours - such a colour palette provides many opportunities for easy, quick and, most importantly, effective rearrangement of space.
66 sq. m
Number of frames:
Trade fair development serving as a co-working area. In the design, we used transparent panels that give the effect of glazing, plant panels referring to the style of vertical walls (imitation) and frames with wooden slats, which are the perfect choice both for the development of a small area of exhibition stand and entire walls. The entire trade fair development was complemented by system flooring available in a variety of textures and colour variations.
100 sq. m
Number of frames:
Aesthetics, design, clarity of the exibition or personalization are just some of the challenges faced by exhibitors in the beauty sector. The trade fair booth we designed combines all these elements. Pastel colors give coziness to the arrangement and emphasize the character of the products we placed in modular cosmetic cabinets from the HELO FORM® line. The contrast to this exhibition is a graphite counter in a 360-degree design, which makes it possible to serve customers from anywhere on the stand.

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