HELO FORM® product displays

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Pedestals for display windows, product departments and entire shops

Whether you are looking for simple product displays or need an original tool to activate sales, the HELO FORM collection will make it easy to present your products. The unique construction of the system allows us to design very modern and unconventional solutions. Each piece of display furniture is created according to an individual design, taking into account the specifics of a given industry.

wymienne panele graficzne - ikona
graphic panels
Modułowa konstrukcja - ikona
bogata paleta wypełnień - ikona
wszechstronność zastosowań - ikona
Multiple use of
szybkie zmiany aranżacji
readiness to work
indywidualny design stoiska - ikona
Individual design


Ekspozytory produktowe HELO FORM_A
The displays available in our offer are distinguished not only by their functionality, but also by their fashionable, elegant design. One of their features are cubicles, which give open access to the assortment on display. Set on solid bases, they will provide a unique decorative effect in any interior - regardless of its size or architectural style. Each display can be supplemented with spot lighting to highlight the display or interior, decorative fillers.
Ekspozytory produktowe HELO-FORM_B
Thanks to the fact that our displays are lightweight, small in size and offer the possibility of replacing graphic panels, they are perfect for storefront arrangements. They can be set up as single pedestals, put together in line or stacked. There is also great scope for mixing their colours or using LCD displays. Advertising monitors can be used for both informational and marketing purposes - increasing sales.
Ekspozytory produktowe HELO-FORM_w
Arrangement with a touch of elegant glamour - the marble and gold patterned glass motif becomes a perfect complement to the simple white design of the rack. To counterbalance the sophisticated but somewhat cool feel of the marble, we used lighting in a warm shade. The display tables, for the sake of visual lightness, have been stripped of side filler panels and only partially covered with counters. Eliminating the counters has also increased the showroom's design possibilities - empty spaces can be filled with flowerpots or other decorations.
stoisko kosmetyczne regaly ekspozycyjne sklepowe helo-form-1
When designing furnishings for beauty supply shops, stands for beauty fairs or beauty salons, we place special emphasis on ensuring that all pedestals, display tables and store shelves combine the greatest possible aesthetic and functional qualities. The arrangement of shelves, which allows cosmetics to be properly displayed and prevents them from changing their position; is extremely important here, as is the provision of storage space, for example in the form of drawers with a silent closure and a key lock.
Ekspozytory produktowe HELO-FORM_L
Clothing store equipment consists of many items, including display tables, clothing racks, clothing accessories displays or mannequin platforms. Thanks to the modular design of the HELO FORM® system, we are able to manufacture any of them. In the boutique design presented here, we opted for not very extensive colour scheme and a reduced number of infill panels. This allowed us to let a lot of light into the display and provided open access to the collection.
Ekspozytory produktowe HELO-FORM_G
When developing the concept of the fixtures showroom, we wanted it to be a space that inspires customers, designers and architects alike. In the design, we used a number of solutions to expose the assets and unique character of the products, including platforms, pedestals or ceiling-reaching shelving. We broke up the austere colour scheme of the arrangement with warm-coloured lighting and plant boxes that are an integral part of the display shelves.


Our designers and consultants will help you find the idea for your exhibition system, or you will elaborate on your vision of the promotional construction together. Do not hesitate to contact us.
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