15 July 2019


Did you know that over 50% of customers do not return to stores with unattractive interior design? It is the way the offer is presented that determines interest in the product. Effective space requires an in-depth analysis of the users needs and the use of unconventional, but simple solutions. One of them is PROMO 1 - a compact advertising system that was created based on the technology used by Clever Frame®.

Promo 1 is a universal exhibition system that you can use to build a functional and fully professional promotional stand. Thanks to the removable graphic panels, your advertising point may look different every time - it is a simple and at the same time an effective way to promote a company, product or service.

Promo 1 is a ready-to-use advertising solution available in three variants: Mini Promo 1, Promo 1 Start and Promo 1 Plus. All components of the set fit in one package, are easy to transport and what is extremely important - you can buy accessories or new personalized graphic panels at any time. It is an extremely simple and practical solution that saves a lot of time while increasing your sales potential.

The main advantages of the Promo 1 exhibition system:
- advertising constructions are built without tools in less than 15 minutes,
- the Promo 1 promotional stand is mobile and convenient to transport - you can easily transport it in a station wagon car,
- thanks to the exchangeable graphic panels you can instantly change the appearance of the system at any occasion that requires it - the Promo 1 system can be used as a promotional point, exhibition stand or conference and sponsor wall.

Promo 1 is an advertising point designed on the basis of nearly 20 years of experience of Cleve Frame, whose modular exhibition systems enjoy unflagging popularity. This is reflected in the reviews of companies and partners who have established cooperation with us - their opinions clearly indicate that Clever Frame® promotional stands are a "must have" in business. According to Neil Hamp-Adams, the franchisee of Clever Frame in Dubai:

"Feedback from our customers is unbelievable - they just love modular exhibition stands. Our task is to find the right solution for them and then assist them in making the best use of the investment. The rule is simple - the more often the advertising construction is used, the more money we save ".

One of the hallmarks of Clever Frame® exhibition systems is convenience and functionality. These features are perfectly reflected in Promo 1 - it is an effective promotional tool that offers exceptional adaptability. It successfully replaces traditional exhibition stands, pop up banners, and advertising and information points.