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18 May 2022
How to optimise costs related to the organisation of a stand for an event?

Building a stand for trade fairs, training courses or conferences can involve considerable costs. Especially those who plan to actively participate in several events, taking place in different locations, face a big challenge. Looking to save money when designing event stands is a great idea in this situation, but it's important...

17 May 2022
An event stand as a business card. How to display your portfolio effectively?

Trade events are one of the best opportunities to promote your business and reach new customers with your products and services. It should therefore be a priority for every business owner to be well prepared for this type of event, whereby not only the attractiveness of the products but also the skilful presentation of the range...

11 May 2022
The most important types of product displays

When preparing a shop layout and designing stands for conferences, training sessions or exhibitions, it is important to ensure that the products on offer are well displayed and effectively attract the attention of customers. This is the basic function that every exhibition and sales stand should fulfil – various types of event...

09 May 2022
Reliable ways to make your event stand excel

An event stand should effectively attract the attention of customers - in order to achieve this goal, it is necessary to distinguish the stand from other participants taking part in a given event. But how can this be done if exhibition space is small and competition is fierce? The best solution is to invest in modern modules that...

05 May 2022
The most important elements of event stands

An event stand should be treated as a business card of the company – therefore, its main function is not only to attract the attention of customers, but also to present the product range in an attractive way. There should therefore be room within the stand for a display and information area, and sometimes also a sales...

15 July 2019

Did you know that over 50% of customers do not return to stores with unattractive interior design? It is the way the offer is presented that determines interest in the product. Effective space requires an in-depth analysis of the users needs and the use of unconventional, but simple solutions. One of them is PROMO 1 - a compact...