20 June 2022

Where are pedestals and showcases best suited?

Both pedestals and showcases are versatile displays that are perfect for presenting products of different shapes and sizes. These types of display elements are often used not only in event stands but also in shop windows. We suggest when it is worth using such displays and what should be taken into account when designing them. Why invest in showcases and pedestals?

Where are pedestals and showcases best suited?
Pedestals and showcases make it possible to attractively display a range of products and at the same time effectively emphasise a professional brand image – simple, industrial blocks look great in any space and perfectly correspond with any marketing strategy. The classic form combined with modern design creates a duo that arouses interest, but at the same time does not distract from the presented products. 

Furthermore, the purchase of such displays should be considered as a long-term investment. Thanks to the interchangeable graphic panels, the appearance of pedestals and showcases can be refreshed quickly and inexpensively to match the current range. A change of product selection, the introduction of a new promotion or even rebranding will therefore not be any obstacle to continue using this type of display. In addition, Clever Frame pedestals and showcases are mobile, so they flexibly adapt to any space, which is a great convenience, especially for companies planning to take part in events held in different locations.

What products can be presented using pedestals and showcases?

Pedestals and showcases can be used to present both small and large items in an original way. Books, smartphones, home decorations, cosmetics or clothes, for example, look very good on simple but modern blocks. However, nothing stands in the way of placing much larger products on them (suitcases, computers, paintings, etc.); in addition, such displays perfectly emphasise the luxurious nature of items, especially jewellery or watches.

The possibility of adjusting the size of pedestals to specific articles means that designing the perfect exhibition stand should not pose any difficulties. When designing displays, take care of details that will help you stand out from the competition – a good idea is to opt for original panels and countertops, e.g. classic furniture boards or those made of acrylic glass to be replaced by stone or decorative sheet metal. The colour of the frame should also match other elements of the brand's communication strategy or the theme of the portfolio. Preparing a fully personalised design is crucial to the marketing and sales effectiveness of the finished stand.