11 May 2022

The most important types of product displays

When preparing a shop layout and designing stands for conferences, training sessions or exhibitions, it is important to ensure that the products on offer are well displayed and effectively attract the attention of customers. This is the basic function that every exhibition and sales stand should fulfil – various types of event furniture and modules will help to achieve this objective. Here is an overview of the most popular product displays that will make your stand more functional and your product range more visible.

The most important types of product displays

Free-standing product displays

It is a good idea to complement a stand or shop layout with free-standing displays which can be part of a larger modular design, although they also work well as stand-alone structures. Examples of such elements include:

  • pedestals – simple but effective pedestals should be used to display products which are the showpiece of the products on offer. Importantly, such structures are also perfect for displaying irregularly shaped objects;

  • shelving – by using shelving you can not only organise your product range, but also divide the space into zones, such as sales and display areas. In addition, spacious shelves provide excellent storage space. However, it is important to remember that it is best to place small, lightweight products on the shelves;

  • platforms – robust structures, designed for displaying large and heavy items. If your stand is going to feature items such as bicycles, scooters, furniture, refrigerators or even motorbikes, you should invest in pedestals;

  • showcases – such displays are ideal for displaying luxury items (e.g. jewellery, perfume, electronic equipment) as well as products that can be easily damaged. Enclosed (fully or partially) display cabinets will provide solid protection and at the same time will not prevent the product range from being visible.

Additional product presentation ideas 

In addition to classic displays, it is also worth incorporating less conventional solutions into your stand. Additional exhibition space can be created, for example, by eliminating counter tops and replacing them with glass showcases. Another idea for creating space to display your product range is to complement standees, pylon signs and advertising capsules with hangers, shelves or practical containers for information material or small gifts for customers. Besides, it is worth taking into consideration removable graphic panels already at the stage of planning the stand, thanks to which the whole design can be easily changed and thus adjusted to the currently presented products.

The purchase of product displays should be dictated mainly by the size of the items, but the appearance of the display elements should not be overlooked – if they are to effectively display the product range, they themselves must be of excellent quality. It is therefore important to pay attention to the colours of the displays (they should not overwhelm the products on them) and the materials they are made of (panels made of glass, sheet metal or wood will look very modern).