05 May 2022

The most important elements of event stands

An event stand should be treated as a business card of the company – therefore, its main function is not only to attract the attention of customers, but also to present the product range in an attractive way. There should therefore be room within the stand for a display and information area, and sometimes also a sales or customer service area. How do you reconcile all these tasks in a small space? The best way is to bet on functional exhibition modules.

The most important elements of event stands

Functions of exhibition modules

The design of event stands must begin by identifying the marketing and image priorities of the company. Only once the key purpose of the stand has been defined can the focus be on selecting exhibition modules that maximally meet the needs of the company:

  • The most important elements in the display area are the various types of shelving, platforms, showcases and pedestals. Modules for presentation of an assortment must both stand out with their striking design and enable attractive display of items. If products are placed too close to each other or on displays that do not match their size, it will be difficult for customers to familiarise themselves with the selection. Make sure that the whole display area is tidy – to achieve this even more effectively, you can enhance your displays with hangers, hooks and additional shelves;

  • counters and bars are mainly useful in the sales or customer service area. In addition, it is a great idea to supplement your stand with advertising capsules or functional dividers to organise space for chairs and armchairs. A comfortable place to talk, to present the terms of a proposal, to explain the details of a service, to sign a contract should be the heart of every stand that has more than just an exhibition function;

  • pylon signs, lightbox signs and standees, especially multimedia ones, are indispensable in the information area. Such modules, even in their traditional version, are an excellent carrier of all kinds of content and graphics, but multimedia elements make it possible to exploit the potential of such displays even more strongly. Price lists, galleries, presentations, catalogues, etc. can be displayed on the screen - photos and videos are a great way to attract customers’ attention.

Furthermore, it is always best to look for modules and displays that are easy to assemble and guarantee reconfigurability. Removable display panels and textile inserts are also extremely helpful – with these elements, the stand can change and develop together with the company's marketing and sales strategies.

Designing an event stand is a difficult task, as industry events are very popular not only with potential customers but also with entrepreneurs who want to present similar portfolios. To make your stand distinguishable from the competition, you must not agree to any half measures – all modules and displays must be carefully selected.