09 May 2022

Reliable ways to make your event stand excel

An event stand should effectively attract the attention of customers - in order to achieve this goal, it is necessary to distinguish the stand from other participants taking part in a given event. But how can this be done if exhibition space is small and competition is fierce? The best solution is to invest in modern modules that can be personalised and supplemented with various accessories.

Reliable ways to make your event stand excel

Unusual elements of exhibition structures

When designing stands for events, it is worth looking for materials and fillings that will give the whole construction a unique character. In such displays as showcases, pylon signs and pedestals, original structural materials can be successfully used as an interesting alternative to the popular PVC or acrylic glass panels. And there is nothing stopping you from adding elements of wood, leather, or even concrete, stone or decorative sheet metal to the design. Veneer is also an excellent choice, successfully replacing classic furniture boards.

In addition, it is worth undertaking maximum personalisation of the stand. This will be helped by removable display panels, which make it possible to easily change the appearance of the structure depending on the company's current range of products or the nature of the event. It is also important to choose the colours of the individual structural elements carefully. Most often, module frames are made of aluminium which can be powder-coated in any shade from the RAL colour chart. All modules should correspond in colour to the company's image strategy. If your stand is not organised for a one-off event but for a series of events, the best solution is to match the colour of the structure to your brand's visual identity.

Multimedia elements at event stands

Another suggestion to stand out from the competition is to equip your stand with multimedia elements. It is particularly important to consider the possibility of diversifying exhibition walls with TV sets or Digital Signage systems. Any videos, presentations, information folders, photo galleries of your projects should arouse the curiosity of event participants better than traditional graphics. Screens increase the information and marketing potential of the stand, which in turn translates into greater sales effectiveness.

You could also consider adding lighting, which works particularly well to complement counters and bars. In addition, it's a great idea to buy accessories that make it easier for customers to find out about your offer – even simple leaflet holders can make more people aware of what your business has to offer. The choice of accessories and construction materials is so extensive that the preparation of a personalised, impressive and functional event structure should not pose a major problem.