18 May 2022

How to optimise costs related to the organisation of a stand for an event?

Building a stand for trade fairs, training courses or conferences can involve considerable costs. Especially those who plan to actively participate in several events, taking place in different locations, face a big challenge. Looking to save money when designing event stands is a great idea in this situation, but it's important that it doesn't involve sacrificing the quality of your exhibition furniture. Instead, choose systems that are flexible enough to fit into any space, plus they are easy to transport and store.

How to optimise costs related to the organisation of a stand for an event?

Modular exhibition furniture systems

All those who want to invest in versatile yet effective solutions should rely on modular furniture. It is with these products that any space can be easily arranged. An example of this type of furniture is our Promo 1 exhibition system – it consists of several frames allowing for the quick construction of 25 stands with different layouts. Importantly, the parts are housed in a single package that fits easily into a passenger car. A valuable feature of modular furniture should also be the intuitive assembly of trade fair stands – preferably possible to do it yourself, without the use of tools. Furniture designed in this way will reduce the costs associated with hiring additional staff or purchasing equipment that would be used on a one-off basis, just to build a stand.

Elements conducive to rebranding

A great idea to optimise expenditure is also to opt for furniture and displays in which graphics and content can be changed quickly. This is guaranteed by magnetic graphic panels, for example. If a particular printed design becomes outdated or damaged, simply order a new insert, without having to buy another frame. In addition, the textile filling can be easily washed and stored refreshed until the next event or resumption of seasonal activities.

When looking for savings in trade fair or exhibition stand design, the focus should therefore be on reusable, modular furniture and displays that are easy to assemble. An investment in such products will bring long-term benefits in terms of both reduced expenditure and efficient preparation of the company's stand for an event held at any venue.