28 June 2022

How does our exhibition system work? 12 steps that will introduce you to the world of Clever Frame®

Well-designed stand architecture is a key element of image-building activities and works according to a simple formula - the better the visitors' impression, the more likely they are to remember a given brand or its products. See in a few short steps how simple and functional our exhibition solutions are.

How does our exhibition system work? 12 steps that will introduce you to the world of Clever Frame®
Modern exhibition systems are an indispensable marketing tool during all kinds of trade fairs, promotional events or industry conferences. For, well-designed stand architecture is a key element of image-building activities and works according to a simple formula - the better the visitors' impression, the more likely they are to remember a given brand or its products.

At Clever Frame® we make modular constructions and trade fair stands tailored to individual needs, regardless of the type and size of available space. What sets us apart is not only the interesting architecture but also the easy installation which saves you time. See in a few short steps how simple and functional our exhibition solutions are.

1. Modular arrangement of exhibition spaces

Clever Frame® is an exhibition system based on durable, reusable aluminium frames, which can be used to create any configuration. We often compare it to building blocks, which can be arranged differently each time - changing their size, colours or shape of the final arrangement.

2. Intuitive construction of a promotional stand

Aluminium frames in over a dozen available sizes are connected together without tools using screw-on connectors, and magnetic tape on the frame allows graphic panels to be attached to it in just a few seconds.

The construction of a modular exhibition stand or a Clever Frame® promotional structure consists, therefore, in screwing together frames of a selected size, placing graphic panels in them and completing the whole with additional accessories, such as leaflet holders, TV hangers, shelves or showcases. We'll be happy to tell you which add-ons you can use to get the most out of your system.

3. Reusable advertising system

Regardless of what, where and how you want to present, you can always use the same Clever Frame® exhibition set. The shape of the structure and the available space are not limited as the frames can be combined in various configurations (special profiles or hinges are used for this). When taking part in trade fairs or other industry events, you can use only part of the set or enlarge it. Importantly, you can expand the initial promotional system at any time - our frames are and always will be compatible.

4. One exhibition system - dozens of promotional functions

What may be important for you from our point of view is the fact that with the Clever Frame® system you can easily change not only the shape of the structure, but also the advertising message it carries.

For example, if you sell cars, you can use the system both in the showroom and outside of stationary outlets as you are not restricted by specific space. Importantly, thanks to the interchangeable graphic panels, you can offer completely different car models and services in either location. If necessary, you can change your marketing message in just a few moments.

5. Individual style of execution

The panels are mostly made of 3 mm thick foamed PVC and printed with UV technology. Depending on your needs, there is an option to equip the Clever Frame® system with other inserts (dibond, wood, fabric, etc.). There are dozens of possibilities. With this solution you can create a unique, designer promotional or sales display.

We realise how important the individual style of such projects is, therefore each advertising graphic is prepared according to the project owner's project.

6. Multifunctional advertising structures

When designing the Clever Frame® system, we wanted to create a promotional set that works in every possible situation, is a multifunctional advertising medium and is not limited to one sales method only.

When presenting your brand and its portfolio, you can use additional elements –platforms and advertising walls, presentation counters or X-Cube displays, which work perfectly as a supplement to the exhibition. If, on the other hand, you plan to hold a training session for your sales staff or present yourself at a job fair, you can enrich the system with dedicated accessories - leaflet holders, multimedia or illuminated decorative panels. The additional equipment will completely change the look of your workstation and, most importantly, you will use one and the same set of Clever Frame® frames all the time.

7. A unique form of display

Internet content supplemented with images is characterised by better clickthrough rates - and this is also true in the world of exhibition systems. Now that you have a “framework”, i.e. a set of frames equipped with panels, it is time to make it more attractive.

If you think that system exhibition stands always look the same, we would like to make things clear for you. You not only have the option of changing the panels, i.e. the layout. We also give you many options for personalising your stand. All of this is to make it different from other - even system-based - designs.

8. In line with exhibition market trends

We design our exhibition stands and exhibition systems using a variety of high-quality materials and based on current trends in exhibition architecture. Whether you choose a standard set of frames, pylons, advertising walls or display platforms, you can be sure that you are investing in durable solutions that have been prepared to the highest conceptual and technological standards.

9. Designer exhibition architecture

For Clever Frame® you can use backlighting, shape-cut elements, printing on materials with different properties and colours, or panels imitating natural elements of the environment (e.g. stone or wood). If you use decorative panels in the form of openwork slats (so-called Deco Frames), you will give your stand a slightly industrial character. Fabric infills (e.g. leather) are also not a problem.

10. Modular savings

One of the reasons that may convince you to go for modular solutions is the matter of savings. You achieve this by using the same system and exactly the same elements for many promotional campaigns. So you don't need any additional purchases and, importantly, the trade fair structures return to your or our warehouse whole, without generating waste as in the case of one-off advertising stands.

11. Economy of time

By investing in Clever Frame® you also save time. You can build simple promotional structures and small exhibition stands by yourself in just a few minutes. For example, the assembly time for a small enclosure for an off-outlet promotion - such as the Promo1 information point - is less than a quarter of an hour.

12. Guarantee of reliability

The goal we had in mind when designing the Clever Frame® exhibition system was to combine intuitive assembly, great reconfiguration possibilities and the time and money savings offered by the possibility to reuse the structure. Frequent use of the system does not affect its effectiveness, however you can always count on our service support - the technical elements of Clever Frame® are covered by a 10-year warranty.

In an increasingly fast-paced digital age, face-to-face meetings give you a competitive edge, and a well-thought-out, eye-catching exhibition stand is a reliable conversation space. The Clever Frame® trade fair and exhibition structures have a unique character tailored to the owner's business profile - by choosing our advertising systems you will create a professional display that will emphasise the value of your brand.

Need more information? We are at your disposal. Tell us what and where you need to display (all we need is the information about the space and the functions of your exhibition stand), and we will offer you a set which, just like building blocks, will allow you to create dozens of solutions that can be used in the future.