Communicating a brand at a trade show is a key aspect of effective marketing and brand awareness building. To stand out in the crowd and attract visitors' attention, it's important to strategically utilize every aspect of the booth - from graphics to lighting and layout. Here are some tips on how to do it effectively.

1. Clear and compelling graphics

2. Creative lighting

3. Well-thought-out booth layout

4. Consistent messaging

5. Interactive elements

6. Tailored content for the audience

Remember, your trade show booth is not just a place to showcase products; it's primarily a space to tell your brand's story. Effective communication at a trade show requires careful planning and creativity, but most importantly, it must be consistent and focused on the brand's values and message. By doing so, you'll not only capture visitors' attention but also leave a lasting impression about your brand.

Both pedestals and showcases are versatile displays that are perfect for presenting products of different shapes and sizes. These types of display elements are often used not only in event stands but also in shop windows. We suggest when it is worth using such displays and what should be taken into account when designing them. Why invest in showcases and pedestals?

pedestals for a clothing store

Pedestals and showcases make it possible to attractively display a range of products and at the same time effectively emphasise a professional brand image – simple, industrial blocks look great in any space and perfectly correspond with any marketing strategy. The classic form combined with modern design creates a duo that arouses interest, but at the same time does not distract from the presented products. 

Furthermore, the purchase of such displays should be considered as a long-term investment. Thanks to the interchangeable graphic panels, the appearance of pedestals and showcases can be refreshed quickly and inexpensively to match the current range. A change of product selection, the introduction of a new promotion or even rebranding will therefore not be any obstacle to continue using this type of display. In addition, Clever Frame pedestals and showcases are mobile, so they flexibly adapt to any space, which is a great convenience, especially for companies planning to take part in events held in different locations.

What products can be presented using pedestals and showcases?

Pedestals and showcases can be used to present both small and large items in an original way. Books, smartphones, home decorations, cosmetics or clothes, for example, look very good on simple but modern blocks. However, nothing stands in the way of placing much larger products on them (suitcases, computers, paintings, etc.); in addition, such displays perfectly emphasise the luxurious nature of items, especially jewellery or watches.

The possibility of adjusting the size of pedestals to specific articles means that designing the perfect exhibition stand should not pose any difficulties. When designing displays, take care of details that will help you stand out from the competition – a good idea is to opt for original panels and countertops, e.g. classic furniture boards or those made of acrylic glass to be replaced by stone or decorative sheet metal. The colour of the frame should also match other elements of the brand's communication strategy or the theme of the portfolio. Preparing a fully personalised design is crucial to the marketing and sales effectiveness of the finished stand.

A stand at a trade fair is above all a type of structure which makes it possible to present a company's product or range of products to the public during various business events. There are now many architectural solutions in this area, so this simple attempt to define a trade fair stand proves inadequate. We are increasingly aware that the individual style of such projects, their uniqueness, elegance and precision of workmanship, directly translate into the effectiveness of promotional activities undertaken and contribute to the image of the company.

Modern  trade fair stand

Unconventional projects and bold concepts underline the unique character of a stand. And this is the first step to making your post stand out from the competition. Below we briefly characterise two interesting ways to design an original stand for trade fairs — backlit and multimedia elements.

Exhibition stand: lighting and multimedia

Trade fairs are attended by many participants, including many of your potential customers, counterparties, business partners. More often than not, individual exhibition stands from a particular industry are located next to each other. So how do you differentiate yourself from the competition? What can you do to make the recipient not only approach your company's stand, but also appreciate and remember it? Our experience in designing and making exhibition stands is extensive and we could say and write a lot about it. However, if you would like to know the best ways to create an eye-catching trade show display, we strongly recommend backlit and multimedia elements.

More and more companies are opting for this type of solution, which allows them to manage their (usually small) space in a creative and unconventional way. And our company is happy to help. In terms of multimedia and lighting, we have a lot to offer. We provide, among other things, illuminated graphic panels, LED lamps for illuminating Clever Frame buildings, as well as an illumination system for CF pylon signs with a complete set of accessories.

Each of these solutions is designed to make the display more attractive and distinctive. In this way, you can create a designer stand that will catch the eye of your audience and further encourage them to learn more about what your company offers - whether you specialise in selling books, electronics, cosmetics, agricultural equipment, etc., or provide services in IT, finance, electronics, architecture, etc.

Anyone who has attended a trade fair at least once is well aware of how challenging it can be to design an exhibition stand that is functional, aesthetically pleasing, consistent with the company's image, and capable of effectively attracting attention. Promoting a company, brand, or product through participation in industry events is a crucial aspect of marketing for many entrepreneurs. Therefore, it is essential to carefully prepare the design of the exhibition space and the exhibition stand. How can this be done? Below, we will share some valuable tips.

Visually appealing exhibition

Visually appealing exhibition stand

Trade fairs and conferences are an excellent opportunity to promote your company and, above all, establish direct relationships with potential contractors or business partners. However, to achieve success at such events, it is crucial to demonstrate creativity. The more visually appealing the stand, the higher the chances that visitors will not only notice it but also remember the brand. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the original layout of the exhibition space, as it significantly influences brand recognition. This approach can also encourage more people to visit the stand, explore the products on offer, or engage with company representatives.

Functionality of trade fair stands

In addition to visual appeal, it is also important to consider practical aspects when designing trade fair stands. What factors influence the usability of trade fair stands? There are actually several factors to consider. One of them is the ability to create structures easily and conveniently. This enhances the versatility, functionality, and cost-effectiveness of the exhibition system. Modular stands deserve special attention in this regard. A prime example is the Clever Frame modular exhibition system, which allows for flexible creation of structures in various ways, including enlargement, reduction, or shape alteration. The same set of frames can be used in different configurations for multiple events. Another crucial aspect is the ease of installation without the need for special tools. Additionally, it is important to ensure that the stand is sturdy, durable, and easy to transport.

Trade events are one of the best opportunities to promote your business and reach new customers with your products and services. It should therefore be a priority for every business owner to be well prepared for this type of event, whereby not only the attractiveness of the products but also the skilful presentation of the range of products is crucial. A well-designed event stand will help in the promotion. What needs to be there to create interest and be functional at the same time?

The modern event stand

The modern event stand

The basis of an exhibition stand is excellent quality exhibition modules. Excellent quality is understood to mean the ability to be easily assembled and disassembled, stored and transported, and to combine individual elements into different arrangements (modules). The whole thing should be flexible to modify, so that the stand can be easily built in any room, during different events. At the same time, it is necessary to provide a comfortable space for employees and customers to talk and view products. Not forgetting the interesting design and personalisation of any graphics. It might seem that such a stand is extremely difficult to design, yet modern trade fair structures meet all these requirements and at the same time they are often available in ready-made configurations, making it possible to assemble many stands using the same parts. 

Displays carefully matched to the portfolio

Exhibition furniture must be well matched to the product range – the entire stand space should be used and not wasted on, for example, displays that are too large or non-functional. The choice of such elements is so wide that no company should have problems finding a solution tailored to its product range. Alternatively, you can always have your stand designed by specialists. An event stand certainly cannot lack pedestals and pylon signs – the former enable attractive display of items, the latter are an excellent carrier of marketing and information content. It is a great idea to invest in multimedia pylon signs, which can be used to present the entire portfolio, price list or company mission to customers in an interesting way. With mobile advertising capsules, it is possible to create the perfect conversation space in a small area.

Innovative event structures foster the successful implementation of marketing and outreach strategies. Importantly, investment in such exhibition systems should be considered in the long term – the expense will not be incurred in connection with a single occasion, but will allow the company to be successfully promoted also at future events.

Tell us what you need!

Our designers and consultants will help you find the idea for your exhibition system, or you will elaborate on your vision of the promotional construction together. Do not hesitate to contact us.

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